Why write well and a visual introduction to how to do it

In the coming month we’ll prepare for our mock exam. Therefore, it is essential that we repeat the rules for how to write proper essays. A goal for most students is to reflect upon how a proper essay is structured. When writing an essay, you are really improving your ability to communicate with people you might or might not know. It is therefore tempting to ask: Why is it important to write well?

  • It enhances your ability to explain and discuss topics in a world that is based on communication
  • It will land you a good job
  • You will be better able to design your own ideas both in front of your self and others
  • A well-written text will make your ideas sell

On this page you will find more about what you should do when you are writing:

Writing well is about far more than proper grammar and spelling. In fact, good writing often violates the rules of good grammar, sometimes violently. It is also about more than simply developing a good style. Hemingway and Proust have very different styles, but both were good writers.”

On this page you’ll find a general introduction to what a five paragraph essay is. In this clip you will also find an introduction to how to write a five-paragraph essay:

In my class, we will work on how to structure a five paragraph essay by

  • Repeat what an essay contains
  • Finding a problem that we want to discuss
  • Reading background material
  • Pair up with other students who have the same opinions about the following question:

Should a third gender be introduced?

  • We’ll find out what our arguments are for either yea, nay or undecided
  • Then we’ll present our arguments for the other groups before we,
  • discuss, and;
  • vote. Which argument is the strongest?

The background material is this text from Foreign Policy

Third Gender: A Short History


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