Using Diverse Resources in a New Way

Lately, I have started thinking about how I use and find resources on the internet in a new way. Instead of giving lectures in front of the class, I find clips on Youtube or other sites, that are informative and to the point. One example is the clip I showed my  history and philosophy class when we started our section about St. Augustine.

Since our class is in Norwegian, I had to allow some time to explain difficult terms. One of the things I forgot to do, when we saw this clip, was to create a kind of dictionary that would explain difficult terms in Norwegian. Still, I directed the students to other sources in Norwegian that explain these terms.

When we were thus introduced to the philosopher, we started reading parts of The Confessions in Norwegian. The Norwegian National Library has digitalized all books published in Norway before the year 2000. Obviously, I could not have all my students read all of the book, so I had made a section of it. Unfortunately, you can only access the if you have a Norwegian IP address.

When the students have completed their reading of the text, they will have to answer some questions from the text.

I think this is a very simple way to introduce the students to a new theme. The video is short but to the point, and that is what the students needs. The benefit here is that I will have time to advise my students on their reading.

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